Jan 4, 2010

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Funniest Funnies

Funniest Funnies

“Funniest Funnies” by Jeff Swenson is a collection of favorite online cartoons that have been emailed, shared, published in magazines, ripped off by nefarious webmasters, sworn at by the easily offended and printed out for display on espresso stands, fridges, bathroom stalls and doctors’ offices everywhere since 2000.

What started out as an experiment in emailing cartoons to “important people” in order to get work as a cartoonist emerged into a list of fans who regularly received the cartoons to brighten up their dreary mornings. Morbid, weird and cornball–if you’re looking to kill time, keep this collection handy for a quick laugh.

This is the best of collection from 2000 to 2007 when the series finally ended its long run.

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