Jan 1, 2010

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Drunk Blondes & Hot Moms

Drunk Blondes & Hot Moms

“Drunk Blondes & Hot Moms” by cartoonist Jeff Swenson is a collection of quick laughs going over the heads of horny moms and alcoholic blondes and straight to you for some entertainment relief.

Please feel free to contribute to blonde literacy and print these toons out (option included in the app) for your favorite blonde charity case. She may not get the humor but at least she will start sounding out the words.

– Ebook Navigation
– Slideshow mode
– Color cover and color cartoons included
– Cheerleader jokes
– A funny robot joke!
* For every download we will donate a penny to the education of blondes everywhere.

* We’re full of it. With blondes you can only tip with dollar bills. Pennies fall out of G-strings.

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