Jan 6, 2010

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Prepare to be lured into hours of entertaining, brain-teasing puzzles!

Whether you are seeking an entertaining time killer or a challenging puzzle game, ColorBuster is a game you are sure to love. You will learn quickly, improve with each new level, and attempt to master the game by unlocking up to 50 levels. ColorBuster is an intuitive, elegantly simple puzzle game which gives you hours and hours of addictive and challenging scenarios. In the game, you control Hect0r, the cleaning drone. Hect0r’s job is to clean every floor of the old space base, finding and collecting all the working energy crates and eliminating the dead ones.

There are only three easy to understand rules in the game:

* You push the crates around one space at a time
* You have to pack all the crates of the same color into one
* You need to push the last crate of each color to the teleport

You can control Hect0r the way you like: by swiping the screen, or by pressing traditional control arrows. There is no time limit for a level, but beating the timer will earn you bonus points. Upbeat soundtracks will give you adrenalin, while everything is designed to let you focus on the puzzle. In arcade mode, Hect0r must be careful not to fall off or drop crates over edges. However, in classic game mode, Hect0r is safe to clean without fear. ColorBuster for iphone is easy to learn and play but hard to put down. Prepare for a long term, entertaining time and buckle up! It will take everything you’ve got!

So, are you up for a little challenge?

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